Scrumptious apple desserts, live music, and activities for both young and old to enjoy, are what keep the crowds coming back to Applefest year after year. The 9th Annual Applefest will be held September 26-27 at Buckstop Junction and, with more activities and events than ever, it will be sure to keep festival goers of any age entertained.

While entertainment schedules are not yet finalized, Applefest always features a handful of new attractions as well as several returning favorites. Musical bands will fill up both days at both the music tent and the church. In addition to great entertainment, event attendees will find a record number of food and craft vendors to shop from. Children’s entertainment includes: petting zoo, pony rides, carnival games, balloon animals, face painting, a coloring contest and much more. To keep the bigger kids entertained, there’s paintball shooting, mini golf, a bake sale or an apple pie eating contest.

Driven to help the Foundation provides services to each patient, staff members volunteer time, above and beyond work hours, to plan, host and work the event. Run by BCC staff, their families and community volunteers, Applefest is all about helping meet patient needs.  The staff at BCC truly enjoy the opportunity to give back to their patients.

Applefest proceeds go directly to the BCC Foundation, which helps patients with a multitude of complimentary support services. Applefest provides significant support to those battling cancer. The funds raised at Applefest go directly to helping make the journey easier for our patients by providing the wrap-around services that help the mind-body-spirit. Support services include transportation assistance, lodging assistance, massage therapy, dietary care, survivorship care plans, emotional and spiritual care and more.


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